Green and Resilient Urban Futures Design Competition – Hanoi University of Civil Engineering

July 5, 2023
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Location: Hanoi

Date: July 2023

RUCaS will join the Hanoi University of Civil Engineering – Faculty of Architecture (HUCE FAP) and ICEM teams in a collaboration to bring nature-based solutions into their city campus. Under the Green Cities project  supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), ICEM is leading a design competition for HUCE students to revision and rehabilitate an abandoned site on campus.

The competition is a unique opportunity for students to learn about sustainable urban design and environmental engineering approaches. They will apply climate-sensitive solutions to create a green, sustainable and climate-resilient learning hub that underscores HUCE FAP’s values: uniqueness, innovation and leadership.

Designs must address several challenges affecting the site selected for the competition:

  • Flooding – The site is prone to ponding during rain events, reflecting its low-lying location and lack of drainage.
  • Heat – The buildings are not insulated and heat up during the day, and the hard surfaced courtyards are enclosed with limited ventilation.
  • Building entry and movement around the site – The narrow alley limits access for people with disabilities, and compromises fire safety and vehicle access.
  • Structural integrity – The roof and outside shelters are deteriorating in places.
  • Natural lighting – The buildings need bright and comfortable spaces.

The winning design will be used as the basis for the planned site renovation.

The RUCaS program will build off these design ideas for the small site, working with HUCEs Department of Architecture and Planning to consider upscale opportunities across the wider campus. This will be one of 8 case studies developed as part of the RUCaS program, demonstrating how nature-based solutions can be applied to create climate-resilient urban centres and surrounds.

Green and Resilient Urban Futures Design Competition – Hanoi University of Civil Engineering