About us

Water Sensitive Cities Australia is continuing the mission of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC).

Who we are

Water is integral to almost every feature of the urban landscape, and an enabler of more productive, liveable, sustainable and resilient cities.

As the climate changes and cities grow, urban communities are calling for vision, action and collaboration to create a more secure and sustainable water future. Over 9 years (2012–2021), the CRCWSC built an international brand for water sensitive cities and a reputation as a trusted advisor to governments and cities.

It translated its interdisciplinary research into practical tools and guidelines, and used these to build the skills of the sector to create water sensitive cities.

Water sensitive solutions use all water sources, unleash the power of an informed and engaged community, and integrate green and grey infrastructure.

This research provided the blueprint and tools for water sensitive cities (WSC) practices. Water Sensitive Cities Australia represents the next phase of making WSC practice the norm. Working with world-renowned subject matter experts, and industry thought leaders, we work across Australia and internationally, providing a network for cities to learn from each other.


What we do

Our aim is to see water sensitive practices applied as business-as-usual activity in every city, every day.

What makes us different is the multidisciplinary expertise we bring to projects, and our collaborative approach to solving complex problems:

  • We bring together technical experts and organisations to create a shared vision for a city.
  • We synthesise breakthrough research and deep industry experience to find innovative,  practical action and context-specific solutions.
  • We build the collaboration, knowledge, governance and regulatory frameworks, industry capacity and business models needed for timely implementation at scale.
  • We develop and test water sensitive city technologies.
  • We enhance interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Meet our Advisory Board

We are guided by an Advisory Board of water industry experts.

The Advisory Board provides leadership and advice on strategy to enhance mainstreaming of water sensitive cities, develop a community of WSC practitioners, and increase the public understanding of WSC principles and practices.