Water Sensitive Cities Australia is the custodian of tools and products developed by the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.
Download our tools
These user-friendly software-based tools enable industry to create and evaluate concept designs, technologies or policy solutions that address and promote water sensitive objectives and outcomes across the urban development sector.
You can find all our tools here. Or you can go straight to the tool you want:
A benchmarking tool for assessing your city’s current urban water management performance
A framework for designing integrated approaches to urban and water planning
A tool for prioritising areas for strategic action
A collection of non-market and market values of water sensitive systems and practices
A tool for assessing water sensitive investments
A tool for planning and assessing water sensitive development options
A planning-support tool for scenario planning of water sensitive solutions
A prioritisation tool for restoring urban waterways
A framework for guiding and assessing the design of water sensitive cities
A glossary of water sensitive terms
A database that summarises the water quality of urban run-off events across Australia
You’ll also find links to our guidelines here. Whether you are starting the journey towards a water sensitive city or town, or progressing through it, our guidelines will provide you with the information and guidance you need to plan your approach, influence opinion, and facilitate progress towards sustainable and liveable communities.