Case study visit in Thailand

June 7, 2023
Event details

Location: Bangkok

Date: May 2023

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Our international and national team members were on site at On Nut, the site of our first case study. Our vision is to work with Thai colleagues to transform an urban landfill site into a multifunctional forest and wetland park that provides recreational and environmental benefits.

On site at On Nut Disposal Center with Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Associate Professor Wisanu Subsompon and Australian Ambassador for Climate Change Kristin Tilley.

Our team was pleased to join Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Professor Wisanu Subsompon, Australian Ambassador for Climate Change Kristin Tilley and project stakeholders – Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), PTT Global Chemical and Kasetsart University – on a tour of the future On Nut forest park site. Plans for the site include the urban forest, and a wetland and open water to store treated water for irrigation and detain water during flooding events.

The plan for On Nut was signed off by the Thai Steering Committee, which met for the first time in May. The steering committee comprises representatives from key government agencies.

First Thailand Steering Committee meeting, chaired by Dr Purin Saiyastipanich (Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP)).
Ben Furmage (RUCaS Program Leader) also attended the United Nations ESCAP 79th Commission Session. He presented at a side event – From Vulnerability to Resilience: Approaches to Climate Adaptation in Asia and the Pacific – discussing the importance of place based solutions, sustainable funding, upscaling and the  funded Resilient Urban Centres and Surrounds program.