Knowledge Exchange in Cambodia

October 7, 2022
Event details

Location: Cambodia

Date: 7 October, 2022

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Representatives from academia, government, universities, local community coalitions and international agencies, including UN agencies, came together in Bangkok to discuss Thai and international experiences of and opportunities for nature-based solutions and climate resilience. This event included keynote presentations from Dr Nareerat Panmanee (Director of Management Coordination Division, Climate Change, ONEP), Nicole Lowry (Second Secretary, DFAT), and WSCA team members Ben Furmage (CEO) and Dr Jianbin Wang (Chief Innovation Officer).

Themes discussed at the event included:

  • a real interest in advancing NbS concepts, and revisioning how our urban centres are developed
  • rapid and unplanned urbanisation putting pressure on natural systems and encroaching into peri urban and agricultural areas
  • increasing pollution (e.g. air pollution and wastewater)
  • the desire and need for participation, collaboration and information sharing by all stakeholders (government, community, private sector, academia)
  • the need for demonstration and pilot projects
  • the lack of targeted funding for innovative projects pushing a better way for NBS
  • the need for enabling policies and institutions
  • the commitment of local groups and communities to preserve their natural environs.

The event was part of a mission to Bangkok that also included:

  • stakeholder meetings with government representatives and international development agencies
  • working with the Australian embassy in Bangkok
  • visits to 2 potential case study sites around Bangkok: Makkasan Train Station site and Bang Mod Canal.

We also welcomed ICEM national team members in Thailand:

  • Dr Le Song Ha, Regional Coordinator
  • Dr Kamonnat Meetaworn, National Economist Thailand
  • Detchphol Chitwatkulsiri, National Water Engineer Thailand
  • Panjit Tansom, National Coordinator Thailand.