Resilient Urban Centres and Surrounds (RUCaS)

Rail wetland Park
Battambang, Cambodia


The flood prone foreshore of the Sangkae River in Battambang

This case study aims to protect and re-establish a functioning wetland system in the centre of Battambang in and around the heritage railway station.

The concept design aims to reduce impacts of flooding, and to provide water security for agriculture around Battambang. The design includes treating and managing water for urban and surrounding rural areas.

The site is also home to large informal settlements who experience flooding, creating an opportunity to improve amenity and access to services and reduce flood impacts. The design will be adapted to reduce the need for and impact of involuntary resettlement. However, because the project will likely still involve relocating some housing to dedicated areas on the site, we will be guided by best practice on gender responsive relocation and participatory project design and options assessment.

The project will consider gender impacts on housing, livelihoods and income sources, as well as the potential for improved access to more secure tenure.


Battambang overall strategy   


What does a Water Sensitive City look like?

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