Growing NatureLinks: Kings Park to Bold Park

June 3, 2022

NatureLinks are nature-friendly pathways joining 2 (or more) natural areas. They provide the least risk to species moving across the urban landscape.

Like wildlife or ecological corridors, NatureLinks facilitate movement of native species. But unlike wildlife or ecological corridors, NatureLinks will not exclude other uses. They promote multiple land uses:

  • increasing tree canopy for urban cooling
  • providing people access to nature
  • increasing ecosystem services (e.g. stormwater detention and cleansing).

This project will investigate the viability of a NatureLink between Kings Park and Bold Park. In particular it will:

  • identify ecological distance thresholds for each species using the NatureLink
  • assess different options for NatureLink corridor locations
  • recommend urban infrastructure types that will support NatureLinks corridors
  • indicate the potential for improving permeability and overall landscape connectivity of the NatureLink.
Bold Park